Why to treat people fairly and not to discriminate

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The Myth of Treating People Fairly and Equally By Jeff Mowatt. Certainly, we should treat people fairly – but not Ensure that any article is accompanied by this attribution: Jeff Mowatt is a customer service strategist, Hall of Fame speaker, and bestselling author.

That is why it is very important for employers to understand why treating employees fairly is absolutely necessary in the office. When you treat all of your employees fairly you create stronger, better relationships with your employees based on trust and respect. The Myth of Treating People Fairly and Equally Certainly, we should treat people fairly -- but not equally.

I'm not advocating some Orwellian decree that ‘some animals are more equal than others'. This has nothing to do with a customer's value as a person.

We already discriminate in the workplace.

I Believe People Should Be Treated Equally

Mar 31,  · The No. 1 lesson I never forgot was to treat people fairly and with respect. I observed Aldo Gucci at Gucci America. He was a real marketing genius, but he often scared his management.

The Myth of Treating People Fairly and Equally by Jeff Mowatt Last Updated: Sep 19, It goes without saying that you should treat all your customers fairly, but that doesn't mean you should treat them all equally.

Going out of your way and bending the rules for your best customers is .

Why to treat people fairly and not to discriminate
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