Public health professional

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Professional degrees of public health

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What is Public Health?

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Public Health Professionals

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The Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (Core Competencies) are a consensus set of skills for the broad practice of public health, as defined by the 10 Essential Public Health Services.

Developed by the Council on Linkages Between Acade. This is Public Health: An informational site created by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, this website includes fact sheets as well as information regarding how public health professionals can raise awareness of the field.

Public Health Professionals

Public health professionals analyze and develop programs that protect the health of individuals, families and communities in the United States and abroad.

Because of their “big picture” perspective, public health experts play a key role in emergency preparedness and response. Public Health Professionals Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir Water-based physical activity, such as swimming, improves physical and mental health throughout life; however, it can put people at risk for recreational water–associated illness and injury.

Public health improves quality of life, extends life expectancy, reduces human suffering and saves resources over the long term.

Donate today and help APHA promote and protect the health of all people by creating the healthiest nation in one generation.

The Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (Core Competencies) are a consensus set of skills for the broad practice of public health, as defined by the 10 Essential Public Health Services. Developed by the Council on Linkages Between Acade.

Public health professional
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