Nowadays people live longer than ever

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We’re Living Longer — and Healthier

Nowadays, People Live Longer Than Ever Before, What Problems Does This Present Essay. Categories. Free Essays; Tags. In most of the developed states. many policies have been implemented to get by with the ageing population.

In the past. most people retired at the age of Nowadays. people enjoy retirements merely after three tonss.

13 Reasons Why We Will Live Longer Than Our Parents

Statistics show that people are living longer now than they used to in previous centuries. There are several reasons for this and the improvement in treatment and in medical science in the main reason for that longer life expectancy. Sep 25,  · Best Answer: Well all reasons should be medical as is the process of aging.

We live longer in developed countries while in less developed or third world countries, life expectancy is still on a low. In some parts of Africa, people get no older than 35 years (both sexes).Status: Resolved. Nowadays many people live to the ripe old age of seventy-seven years or more.

Obviously, the rapid development of science, as well as the improvements in our daily and working life has played a large part in producing longer life spans. There have been many developments in the medical field.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries were a golden era of American health innovation. Breakthroughs like germ theory, antibiotics, and widespread vaccination, as well as major public-health.

Nowadays people live longer than ever
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We’re Living Longer — and Healthier |