Empedocles theory of four bodily fluids

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Empedocles was disappointed, c. Four humors matched the four seasons: Autumn: black bile; Spring: blood; Winter: phlegm; Summer: yellow bile; Each of the humors was associated with one of the four equal and universal elements: Earth; Air; Fire; Water; Posited by Empedocles: Aristotle, who used the image of wine to expose the nature of black bile.

Hundreds of years later, circa mid-to-late s AD, physician Galen of Pergamon directly correlated the humors to Empedocles’ theory of the four classical elements earth, wind, fire and water in his dissertation De temperamentis.

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Observed, real, actual. recall. He was also the first philosopher to suggest a theory of percetption, and he offered a theory of evolution that emphasized a rudimentary form of natural selection. Believed that illness was imbalance of the four bodily fluids/humors.

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Put. Ancient Theory of Elements and Humors In ancient times many physicians based their medical practices on their theory of bodily humors or fluids.

In the classic form of the theory physicians regarded health as depending upon the balance of four humors in the body: blood. Oct 23,  · The theory of four humors states that the body’s principle fluids are blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile.

Disease arises from a disproportion of these four fluids, or humors. Treatment required restoring the balance, usually through a change in diet or exercise. Ancient Theory of Elements and Humors.

In ancient times many physicians based their medical practices on their theory of bodily humors or fluids. In the classic form of the theory physicians regarded health as depending upon the balance of four humors in the body: blood, phlegm, yellow bile (choler) and black bile.

Empedocles theory of four bodily fluids
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