Argument for medicinal marijuana

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Congress Considers Medical Marijuana for Veterans

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Is Marijuana Addictive?

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The marijuana symbol is seen everywhere these days — on clothing, jewelry, keychains and stickers. It’s no surprise that cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in the U.S.

and worldwide.

10 Basic Facts About Marijuana

The growing popularity. Many say that it has medicinal benefits and should be made legal. Medical Marijuana: Should Be Legalized or Not? proponents for medical marijuana have presented a stronger argument for.

Pro Argument: Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal. Marijuana is a lousy drug but can be a great medication. The same applies to most medications. There are still many arguments in favor of the use of medical marijuana. Elders () expressed that evidence of the benefits of cannabis was overwhelming, and that it should be used for medicinal 5/5(8).

It is an age old question.

Terry Parker Case -- Ontario Court Declares Medical Marijuana Prohibition Unconstitutional

Which is better for you alcohol or marijuana? Marijuana vs. alcohol is an argument that seems never-ending.

Arguments Against Medical Marijuana And Why They Are Wrong

Both can get you in trouble with the law, one for possession whether you have hurt anyone or not, and the other usually for public disorder or even worse a fatal car accident.

By Derrick Stanley Hemp News. Opponents of marijuana legalization in Maine have filed a formal request for a recount of votes after the recent passage of Question 1 .

Argument for medicinal marijuana
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The Benefits of Marijuana